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CBM Donation Cheque 2018
Pictured above, left to right: Nicole Churchill - Chris Brothers, Shelley Reardon - Chris Brothers, Robert Higgins - Chris Brothers, Barbara Ann O'Brien - Chris Brothers, Nay Saadé - United Way, Tristen Black - Chris Brothers and Kayla Keenan - United Way.

Dieppe based Chris Brothers / Bonté Foods announced a donation of $20,213 to the United Way/Ray of Hope Soup Kitchen. In addition to $10,000 annual pledge by the company, the company has also matched employee’s contributions for an additional contribution of $10,213! In 2017, the company announced a commitment of $50,000 donation over five years, as well as other support initiatives including employee contributions.

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The quick thinking of employees and the help of an AED are being credited with saving the life of a Bonté employee who suffered a heart attack on the job. Shelley Steeves of Global News reports. Click on the photo for the video link.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are electronic devices used to restart a person's heart if it has stopped beating. AEDs can help save lives.

Learn more about defibrillators: Government of Canada

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, as many as 45,000 Canadians experience a sudden cardiac arrest each year. Early access to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation (1 to 3 minutes after cardiac arrest) is vital. These actions may increase the chance of survival by 75% or more.
ChrisBrothers Best Managed

Pictured above left to right; Mike Gosselin - Senior Maintenance Manager, Mike Whittaker - President, Nicole Churchill - Vice President of Food Safety, and Barbara Ann O’Brien - Executive Vice President.

Dieppe based Bonté Foods, processor of gluten free Chris Brothers luncheon meats has been chosen as one of Deloitte’s Canada’s Best Managed Companies. The designation was officially awarded to Trucorp Investments Limited, Bonté’s parent company last week...

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Pictured above left to right; Barbara Ann O’Brien - Chris Brothers, Nay Saade – United Way, Greg Fennell - Ray of Hope Soup Kitchen, David Small - Ray of Hope Soup Kitchen, Nicole Churchill - Chris Brothers, and Debbie McInnis – United Way.

Dieppe based Chris Brothers / Bonte Foods announced they are committing a $50,000 donation to the Ray of Hope Soup Kitchen as well as other support initiatives. The commitment will be a $10,000 annual donation over five years...

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Bonte Foods is well underway with a $1 million expansion project that will see the conversion of its bakery to raw meats and fresh meals production.

Bonte has been growing its meat division under its Bonte and Chris Brothers brands over the past several years and the need for additional production space has been a constraint to its growth. With the summer closing of the Moncton Maple Leaf facility Bonte Foods becomes the Atlantic regions largest deli meat producer.

Bonte Foods has been awarded certification by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) following a recent audit of their Dieppe based facilities.

Dieppe based Bonte / Chris Brothers announced they have won the renewal right for the Gagetown military boxed meals contract in conjunction with Mulders Meats in Oromocto. The boxed lunches are produced using fresh sandwiches produced at Bontes RTE Meals division.

The Dieppe based Bonte Foods Chris Brothers has announced it is launching 7 new deli meats to Atlantic retailers. “This is a major advancement in our product line ‘says President Michael Whittaker. The new products are primarily shaved deli meats. This is the company’s first launch of a shaved deli meat.